I'm a self-motivated, versatile designer skilled in software like Illustrator and Photoshop and i have worked across 2D and 3D applications, from print to digital. My diverse portfolio includes marketing, branding, and environmental design, often with an distinctive artistic twist.
 My work is also bold, unauthordox and very impactful showcasing a strong visual language with the innovative and creative methods i use to explore imagery, text and composition within my designs.
My constant aim is to evolve and adapt, exploring new software and creative approaches. I possess a strong command of design tools and effects, ensuring consistent, visually stunning outcomes. My experience spans 2D and 3D applications, reflecting a broad skill set. I specialise in marketing, branding, and innovative problem-solving, with a commitment to continuous self-improvement and creative exploration reflected through my achievement of receiving the Deans Prize (AVA AWARD) upon my graduation in may 2023 Awarded by Professor David Tann, Vice Provost (Technology) and Dean of the university.
I take pride in my ability to blend artistic creativity with practical design principles, resulting in visually compelling and impactful outcomes. My commitment to voicing the unheard has also driven my work, allowing me to explore and advocate for important societal and political issues through some of my creative projects, I have a proven track record of voicing the unheard and advocating for change through design, as demonstrated by my feature in Margate Mercury Winter Edition Magazine 2020.

Programmes and tools.