Anime and manga is a big part of today's modern culture across all ages.
 It's especially a prevalent influence and subject matter associated to my work as a graphic illustrator as I tend to not so much read a lot of it but watch a lot of it.
This is a hobby and a has become a key form of making my own art and graphics I entirely enjoy, incorporating my own style and hope to do more work like this for clients in the future.
I like the vivid mixture of colours, sharp, clean and precise line work used to illustrate characters which can also be quite simplistic in form or even complex. The visual aesthetic can range from a cartoonish style or to a slightly more realist look depending on the anime the viewer is looking at .
As well as creating various graphic illustration, I also use an exterior third-party site to sell them on multiple form of merchandise.
Commission Art Line Drawing
Completed Commissioned Artwork 1
Commission Art Line Drawing 2
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