Full powered boxer illustration intended for a poster design commission created for a friend. He requested this from me as he is very much into sport, boxing (Muay Thai) and was thinking of possibly teaching the sport at some point
Taking this request was a really great experience as I don't usually make illustrations or designs based on sport. This was really beneficial as it enabled me to create something completely unique but yet experiment enough to create a design very stylised to me and my visual identity as a designer. A very prominent example of this work I created that I really like is how I have utilised the line work when digitally drawing the Boxer using bold black lines as a fill whilst offsetting the inside position of the black lines with a white stroke and a red glow creating a nice merged distinctive digital line art style which manages to work better than expected alongside the other various colourful or overlapping elements in the piece.
other examples of this work I created that I really liked is due to having a very good sense of his personality, I was able to incorporated elements I felt correlated to or embodied his personality even if they were not directly related to the subject it was based on, experimenting and blending concepts of various imagery to develop and advance the design to push its visual limitations to catch the viewers attention and draw them in to the idea.

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