This project was fun but full of challenges. It took a lot of creative problem solving and this was the first of many, very singular focused project with a very a short deadline to create clean, professional and distinguished piece of design.
The outcomes would be a series of  poster designs all following a single interesting and compelling template structure that could work across many poster with varying elements which can be replicated easily if work was passed on from one person to another.
They were commissioned by a client called Keith Winter the Programme Leader at Interior design.
These posters was made for the Architecture department as they needed posters for the School of Architecture Lecture Series that was to be held in the following weeks.
Lecture Series Initial Poster Design 

Lecture Series Final Poster Designs
(2 Designs + 2 Variations)
Final Poster Placed Around Campus
Final Poster 2 Placed Around Campus
Gallery Exhibition Concept Poster
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