This project spanned over a couple of months with a lot of tenacity, dedication and focus which by the end of it felt extremely worth its and rewarding.
Working closely and long hours with a local artist called Ben Connors and Joshua denny we created this mural. The mural was based on a wonderful zine that was created and given to local schools and children as a resource highlighting Black British Icons, from which they were responding with drawings of their own icons. We were commission to repaint these drawings as a large and expanding mural to scale on the sea front to visually enhance the look of the margate community. It was also made to showcase the contribution by black people to British history.
This piece of work was the biggest project I have done to date and would love to do something similar if given the chance.
This project was a amazing experience because it allowed me to work with a artist who has a lot more experienced than me and enabled me to create a body of work through the physical art of painting on a much larger scale than anything i have worked on before thus furthermore allowing me to a piece of work I have created through more than the perspective of a computer screen.  
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