For my independent major project I started with a very broad sense of direction and purpose. Through examining my past work and reflecting on many of my different interests and hobbies inside and outside of my design practise i slowly started to build the concept of the body of work as can be seen by the following set of documented pages.
Through this project i have been able to work with a live client with a who's work i really admire, has amazing talent and a flourishing career which i hope the products i have made reflect that. When i showed the client the final results of the product he seemed very happy with the final outcomes of the products.
I could see these products being really successful in a commercial setting and it makes me excited for the future and what could come next for me and the artists music this was influenced from. I will definitely create more work like this later in my career as it feels like a cornerstone i can rely on. 
It has been one of my most diverse, notable and satisfying project to date i have created among my earlier briefs this final year of 2023.
Quiet Boy Interviews
Quiet Boy Sad Music Promo
Quiet Boy Logo Type Design
Quiet Boy Logo Type Design
Quiet Boy Research Reference
Quiet Boy Album Product Prototypes
Album Cover Design Prototypes
Quiet Boy Album Design & Product Prototypes (2nd Phase)
Quiet Boy Album Portrait
Digital Edited Portrait (Design Element)
Musician Photoshoot (Art direction)
Digital Hand Illustration (Design Element)
Grief Custom Portrait Illustration (Design Element)
Quiet Boy Completed Illustration Design 
QB Custom Snap Chat Lens Filter
QB Logo Design (ink Print Testing)
QB Logo Design (Foil Print Testing)
QB Jacket Designs (Product Testing)
QB Jacket Designs (Live Professional Photoshoot)
Album Covers & Sleeve Inserts design concepts (Final Phase) 

Album Split Visual concept 1

Album Split Visual concept 2

Album Split
Visual concept 3
Album Split
Visual concept 4
Vinyl Record Label Designs
Vinyl Album Sleeve Final Outcome (Photoshoot)
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