This project was one of my favourite to date as the outcomes where objects I would not usually make but felt like that gave me a enormous amount of creative freedom and enabled me to fully bring my style and personality out in the design and composition whilst being coherent with the subject matter. It was a challenge but a great journey of self-discovery being able to push my limits and potential to show who i am and how versatile, unique and eye-catching as a designer my work can be if given enough space to breathe.
The project was based on the film "THE GAME" made by the legendary film director David Finchley with 3 solid outcomes a movie review, a gatefold leaflet and a book cover as if it was made as a novel rather than a film.
Leaflet Structure Plan
Initial Leaflet Front Cover (Split Double Page Design)
2nd Leaflet Front Cover Concept
Initial Leaflet Inside Page Concept & Layout
Leaflet Inside Page Photo & Type Layout Experimentation
Developed Leaflet Front Cover (Split Double Page Design)
Developed Leaflet Front Cover Variation (Split Double Page Design)
Further Developed Leaflet Inside Pages
Final Inside Design Spread (Inside 3 Pages)
Leaflet 3D Layout Final Result Mock Ups
Book Design Development
Complete Book Composition Concept
(Front Page, Back Page & Book Spine)

Book Design Spine Design Variation

Book Design Type Variation

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